Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wild Wednesday: The Greatest Night for the Greatest Game

Now is the time to kneel at the altar of the baseball Gods and thank them for such an unforgettable night. Imagine watching six heavy weight championship fights in one night at the same time. That is how it felt tonight with both wild cards and one home field advantage up for grabs on the final night of the regular season. Six games were played that had playoff impact. All but one game went down to the final out, two went to extra innings, two had blown saves, two teams capped of collapses of eight games leads in September, two had historic comebacks, and there were two walk off wins. It is possible that there have been multiple games to go into extras or down to the final out but not with so much riding on the line. Four teams were trying to push the sun back up for at least one more day of summer. Three teams tried to play the role of spoiler with nothing to lose. If a writer tried to submit this script to a Hollywood producer they would rip it up and tell them it was impossible, and until tonight I would of agreed. This will go down as the single greatest night for baseball in the history of the game.

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